Lauren Elaine Edleson

Published on April 24, 2011

Designer Lauren Elaine’s stylish mission: 

Reinventing the ‘princess’ archetype.

Photo by Villanueva Stone

L. A. designer Lauren Elaine Edleson specializes in creating fashions fit for a modern-day princess, and she’s fast developing an enthusiastic following among Hollywood starlets and others who want to rule at red carpet occasions.

Lauren’s styles are doing so well, in fact, that the woman behind the label deserves to boast. But the 27-year-old designer isn’t into that.  Instead, she modestly says she’s grateful that things have turned out right because she never had formal design training and had to learn a lot about the business.

“Learning the business ropes was the biggest challenge in the beginning,” she admits. “It’s easy to get lost in the fun, creative side of fashion and forget that business is first and foremost."                  

No matter, plenty of determination and tons of natural talent have combined to make her career take off.  And today her star continues to rise with three divisions: the Black Label collection of flirty, feminine gowns and cocktail dresses; a Black Label swimwear line; accessories, and Laine by Lauren Elaine casual-lifestyle clothes.

With so much going on in her sketchbook, workdays are super-busy.  But Lauren seems to thrive on the pace and has clearly found her calling.

Angelina Pitt of La Maison de Fashion, a brand and marketing boutique in Los Angeles, praises the young designer’s drive and abilities. “We enjoy having her as one of our featured designers, and we’re always on our toes to receive her latest collections,” Pitt declares.

Photo by Villanueva Stone

Born in San Diego, Lauren was busy mastering the sewing machine at age 6 (Mom enrolled her creative daughter in classes).  At age 13, modeling scouts spotted Lauren in a downtown mall and throughout high school her beauty won prestigious assignments with high-profiled clients such as Seventeen Magazine, Chanel and Nordstrom.  College days were spent at the University of Texas at Austin where she focused on film production/art direction.

Austin’s artistic atmosphere encouraged Lauren to express herself by making unique clothes for herself and a few good customers. She began using the internet as a fashion-marketing tool, and also dabbled in acting, winning roles in music videos and films such as Miramax’s “Sin City.”

Graduation brought her back to California to pursue acting/ modeling/ fashion fulltime.  She modeled for many advertising campaigns and will soon be seen starring in a feature film “Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns,” But her clothing label, launched in 2008-09, gets priority.

“I’m taking real pride in making a quality product and using my former modeling experience to direct my runway shows,” she says.  

Lauren’s designs, so cool on the runway, have won raves during California fashion weeks. The styles have appeared in Vogue and Women’s Wear Daily. And you can shop the collection at select boutiques and online.

Future plans?

“Even more regal and elegant things,” Lauren promises.  She wants her design image to remain youthful and modern, of course, but also to be timeless and appeal to “princesses” of all ages.

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By:  Rose Mary Budge

Photo by Villanueva Stone

By:   Rose Mary Budge

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